Since Shoerella Waterproof Shoe covers is a new range of shoe cover, their Design is unique.
In Order to use the product to its best performance one should understand how to wear them properly over their shoes.

This Blog explain with the help of graphics and text – How To Wear Shoerella.
It helps the customers who have already bought our product or the customers who are planning to buy our product

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Note: Shoerella comes in two parts, that is one shoe cover of left leg contains two sub parts. 
First part goes on top of your shoe as displayed in the image above.
This front part consist of a wide elastic which should be place on the heel as showed. This elastic ensures that the shoe cover has best fir and does not slip while walking. It also helps in building your style statement as the shoe cover fits perfectly and does not look like a polybag wrapped around your shoes.

polythene grocery bag around shoe cover


Now its time to attach the second (Top) part of Shoerella. 
Simply stick the Velcro to the bottom Part in such a way that the white transparent polythene comes at the top.
The White transparent polythene prevents and running water from getting inside the shoecovers, keeping the shoes dry.
Now the last step to attach the Velcro of the calf starting from the bottom and towards the top .

This Completes the guidelines of how to best wear Shoerella Waterproof Shoe Covers

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