Frequently Asked Questions

Shoerella is made of high quality waterproof fabric which is doubly coated with rubber,similar to the fabric used in Umbrella.

Shoerella is a shoecover presented by From The Originals. It’s R&D is completed in India and is manufactured in India.

Shoerella is a contraction formed by the words Shoe and Umbrella.

There are Basically 6 types of variants for men and women which are further classified into different sizes. They account to a total of 72 different variants. Basic classification is as follows

  1. Sneakers
  2. Formals
  3. Sports
  4. Trekking/Military
  5. Rider
  6. Himalayan

Firstly the sizing of the Shoe cover will be same as that of your shoe.
Secondly, depending upon the intensity and conditions of usage you should choose your Shoerella.

  • For daily office use you must buy Sneaker, Formal, or Sports variant.
  • For Long rider Boots and riding gear you can buy rider variant as the name suggests
  • For Trekking purpose and military Shoe purpose(for example woodland Leather shoes) you can buy Trekking/Military Variant
  • For Snow purpose and very high intensity usage you must buy The Himalayan Edition.

#1The first step would be to buy the right size of the shoe cover , that is same size as the shoe you wear.

#2 After you wear them you should adjust the Velcro to your comfort and then tie the laces provided above the ankle

Shoe cover with sole are the ones which comes with the sole attached to their bottom, but Shoerella does not comes with a sole, they are designed to be bottomless so thatthe sole of the original shoe worn is used

Yes. The Himalayan Edition Shoe cover is made to protect your shoes from snow and slipping as it has a Anti-Skid layer

Shoerella is in two parts so that it fits the shoes perfectly and with protection looks stylish as well.

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