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FromTheOriginals®’ are the manufacturers of more than 150+ unique and originals products under their trademark brands SHOERELLA® & SAFAQI®. We are incubated at center in Indian state of Madhya Pradesh – ‘AIC-AARTECH’ which is backed by NITI AAYOG, Govt. of India.

SHOERELLA® are first ever innovative Rain/Snow over Shoe Covers globally, designed from scratch according to shoe types and shoe size. Design patent has been filed for the odd 110+ shoe covers which cover 95% of the shoes worldwide. Shoerella’s are Waterproof, Resuable, Washable, Flexible and Dust-proof Rain/Snow over Shoe covers designed from the strongest military grade waterproof fabric to last all season.

Being in demand in India and abroad both in cases of rain and snow making it an all-season product, the premium variant
‘SHOERELLA – Unisex Himalayan Edition’ is the first ever Shoecover worldwide having an extra Anti-Skid layer at the bottom and full knee-length protection.

All details regarding the variants and usage of SHOERELLA® can be checked in the ‘SHOERELLA CUSTOMER MANUAL’

Regular client of their Shoerella product. Amazing service by the manufacturer.
Nice Product, Satisfied with the quality of material used and design.
It's one of the best product I have come across. Very easy to use and very helpful in saving our shoes I rainy season.
Wore it in Solang Valley & Kheer Ganga trek, very satisfied by the quality !
Mohit Tiwari
Regular Retailer

Meet our core team

    Deepak K Tiwari
    Deepak K Tiwari
    Founder & CEO
    Pooja Tiwari
    Pooja Tiwari
    Digital Marketing Head
    Mayank Tiwari
    Mayank Tiwari
    Operations Manager & Content Strategist
    Suchita Shukla
    Suchita Shukla
    Technical Analyst
Snow-Rain Shoe Cover - Waterproof | Reusable | Washable

Our advantages

Ideas and concepts

While going to office on a rainy day and then 9 hours of sitting in AC with wet shoes left Deepak with fever. This led him to the idea of SHOERELLA. Deepak being the first-gen entreprenuer further went to an extra mile when he decided to become the sole manufacturer in his local city - Sagar, MP by skilling local people.

Designs & interfaces

Shoerella's are first ever innovative over Shoecovers globally, designed from scratch according to shoe types and shoe size. Design patent has been filed for the odd 110+ shoe covers which cover 95% of the shoes worldwide

Best in the World

Shoerella's are waterproof, resuable, washable, flexible and dust-proof Rain/Snow over shoe covers designed from the strongest military grade waterproof fabric. Multilayered Architecture enable them to last all season.

Easy to use

SHOERELLA can be easily wore over the shoe in case of rain/snow/mud/dirt. They are designed to fit over within 15-20 seconds. Upon wearing Shoecovers, a person can easily walk, run or ride in any weather condition.


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