Its rainy season here in india where most of the average rainfall occurs in this 3-4 month of time.

Usually the rainfall begins from mid June and lasts till September end.

There are some must have gears for every season that one should have for surviving.

So we created a list of 5 basic rain wear one should have while going out there when its raining cats and dogs.

  • What are these basic gears we are talking about here ?
  • Which gears are the basic gear and which are unnecessary ones?
  • Where should you buy these gears from at affordable prices without compromising the quality?
  • Which Brands you should choose to buy your products?

We will answer all these questions in this blog

Here is a list of 5 Top Rain Gear at affordable prices:

  1. Umbrella

We have these wonderful portable devices called umbrella that are designed to keep the rain off your head and clothes as you are outside walking under a downpour.

Umbrella comes in different sizes and variable colors according to the choice of the customer.

Well sometimes just an umbrella is not enough to save you from the windy storm of rain. Also an umbrella is not really the best choice when you’re driving a two wheeler vehicle. Here’s when our second rain gear comes to the rescue.

  1. Raincoat

Well when it’s about riding bikes and going to work or goimg out to buy groceries you surely need a raincoat to cover your entire body and ride your vehicle at the same time.

Here comes another challenge of next level

When going to work 9 to 5, you need to look presentable at the office and cannot wear sandals or slippers to work. So you wear a raincoat to ride your bike but what about your shoes? They are surely gonna be a mess in this rainy season. If it’s not raining you can avoid the raincoat but the shoes? The mud out there on our Indian roads is not less than off roading.

So to save your shoes, there is one product in the Indian market and its been growing on a lot of customer since past years.

  1. Shoerella®

This is Shoerella® Waterproof Over Shoe Covers by FromTheOriginals. This product protects the shoes from rain, mud, snow and possibly everything that hinder that shine on your shoes. Now the USP of this product is that it comes in different designs and sizes to fit your needs.

For example, if you wear a Sneaker shoe size UK 9 then they have an exact shoe cover of your size for the best fitting possible.

Shoerella® Shoe Covers are available for

  • Sneaker shoes
  • Sports shoes
  • Formal shoes
  • Calf length Rider/Biker Boots like Alpinestars
  • Ankle length Trekking boots like Woodland
  • Knee length Motocross boots for offroading

Size are available from UK 4 to UK 14, covering nearly 90% qof the shoe types all over worldwide.

Link for their branded store in provided below



4. Bag covers

Most of the people whether children going to school or corporate employees going to work they carry shoulder bags which are only water-resistant and not waterproof. So having a portable rain cover in one their side pocket of the bag is recommended.
Bag Covers are not often costly and can be found in the range of 300-400 INR online.
You can also find them offline at cheaper prices but we recommend buying from Brand stores online or Offline for best quality


5. Mobile Covers

There are certain times in which you are forced to use your mobile phone during the rain, whether be booking a taxi or making a quick call. BUT no matter how fast you are, water will finds its way inside the phone destroying the Mic / Receiver / charging ports etc.

Repairing these little parts of the phone will cost you not less than 1000 bucks. So why not opt for a better and cheaper solution.
Mobile covers available in markets are mostly made in China. So there is no such Brand as of now selling some special mobile cover. Market has these generalized plastic covers which costs 100-300 INR range. They work pretty decently.

Note: Decently doesn’t mean that you can submerse your mobile under water.

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